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(Ignition Amplifier)

Plasma Projects, the exclusive European distributor for Okada Projects, has released the Plasma Booster, a high power amplifier which drastically boosts ignition coil current.

It is an amplifier, not a coil, but has the same function as the Plasma Direct coils: enhancing ignition coil current by 100%. The Plasma Booster is mostly applicable to engines with an inductive ignition system, available for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 cylinder engines.

The spark increase is dramatic with the Plasma Booster; a 100% increase in spark current (the amperage going to the spark) can be expected. With such an increase in spark current, the ignition process is faster, leading to a faster burn, which results in more horsepower and torque. A faster combustion process also reduces the risk of knocking and therefore can prevent high speed detonation damage at racing engines.

Plasma Projects distributes the Plasma Booster and all other Okada Projects performance ignition products. For more information on the Plasma Booster, go to http://plasmaprojects.com/portfolio/plasma-booster/, or contact:



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