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Plasma Projects, based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, announces opening its new website!

Okada Projects, an innovator in the field of ignition systems for modern internal combustion engines, is established for high quality performance ignition products, made in Japan.

These high performance ignition products are available in Europe through Plasma Projects for more than 400 different vehicles and applications through our network of dealers.

  • Plasma Direct coilsare direct replacement performance ignition coils for many European and foreign cars and motorcycles.
  • Plasma Booster is an add-on product to boost ignition current.
  • Plasma Lift increases the ignition voltage for turbo- and supercharged engines.
  • Plasma Quad Pac is a direct replacement for the Mitsubishi EVO ignition system.

Plasma Projects is selling directly to end users and through a network of dealers around Europe. New dealer applications are welcome.

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