Worldwide Leader in High-Performance Ignition Systems

Are you ready to up your game? Okada Projects and Plasma Projects are recognized worldwide as a leader in the high-performance ignition market. All the products are engineered to achieve the full potential of your engine and are build with the highest quality materials to ensure durability.

Plasma Direct

Achieve perfect combustion with more horsepower, torque, and increased throttle response. Simply swap your OEM ignition coils with our Plasma Direct coils. Easy plug and play installation. Your engine will love you for it!

Plasma Booster

Achieve perfect combustion with more horsepower, torque, and increased throttle response. This high power amplifier is connected to your OEM ignition coil(s). It will put a smile on your face when you hit the throttle!

Plasma Lift

Say goodbye to misfires! This high power voltage amplifier will ensure a stable voltage supply of 12V to 18V (adjustable) to your coils. Generate the perfect spark even at high turbo pressure!

Plasma Spark

Specially engineered for Subaru engines! The Plasma Spark generates intense sparks at ultrafast speeds. A much faster flame front for complete combustion. Easy installation and fully synergizes with your Plasma Direct coils!

Plasma Quad Pac

Upgrade the waste spark system on your Mitsubishi Evolution! The 4 individual coils with build in Plasma Direct technology will deliver you the power you need even under high turbo pressure load conditions to the highest RPM!

Plasma V Plus

We did not forget your motorcycle! Plasma V Plus is specially designed and developed for motorcycles to increase input voltage to the ignition coil, stabilize it and generate ideal sparks in all driving situations.


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About Plasma Projects

Plasma Projects is the exclusive European distributor of Okada Projects, who is based in Japan. Due to our strong relationship with Okada Projects, we can guarantee on-time delivery and high-quality products, adapted for the European market.

Together Okada Projects and Plasma Projects have been recognized worldwide as the expert in the high-performance ignition market developing successful ignition products with over 25 years of experience.

Plasma Projects has tech support on their staff, with a strong engineering background, as well as a European-based warehouse. We promise a quick response time, quality service, and the opportunity to create custom-made products for your needs.


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