What is Plasma Direct?

A revolution in ignition technology! Okada Projects – Plasma Direct is the most advanced direct ignition system which integrally incorporates a high power amplifier into an ignition coil, using our own technology to enhance combustion efficiency by drastically increasing the secondary current and providing multiple sparks in a unique way. All our products are made in Japan with high quality, reliability, and safety unrivaled in the industry. These high-performance ignition coils are also OBD II (On-Board-Diagnostics) compliant. Installation is easy. Direct bolt-in to the engine, no splicing or cutting into stock wiring, simply replace the stock coils with our Plasma Directs and ready to go!

Power/Torque Increase

Increased Throttle Response

Stable Engine

Decreased Engine Throbbing

Smooth Boost Pressure

Engine Load Reduction



Product Features

Plasma Direct high-performance ignition coils let a spark ignite more than three times at ultrafast speeds during one combustion process and also supercharges the sparks up to the highest RPM without damaging ignition plugs.

The secondary current (amperage) can be approximately double that of stock coils, which allows the spark to reach many more molecules, thereby accelerating the ignition and combustion process.Horsepower and torque are increased throughout the entire RPM range, so this upgrade will also reduce fuel consumption.

Even engines with legendary smoothness will be further refined with the Plasma Direct upgrade.

What customers say

  • My car runs even smoother after installing the coils. I can feel that the power is available at an earlier RPM. These coils are great!–VW Golf 2.0L TFSI owner

  • These coils are really impressive quality. After installing them we gained 9 HP and 15 Torque and we can really feel the difference in throttle response.–Subaru Impreza Owner

  • I bought the Plasma Direct coils together with the Plasma Lift. We were able to run higher boost pressure without misfires where we previously couldn’t. Very impressive!–Mini Cooper JCW owner

Analysis by Oscilloscope

Double the Amperage for the Initial Spark Discharge

High efficiency combustion can be created by perfect growth of the flame core.

“Multi Spark” (Multiple Ignition) Provision

Additionally, ignition performance sees further gains by generating the sparks at a microsecond rate.

Noise Removal

To constantly stabilize provision of the sparks and prevent malfunction, abnormal noises are eliminated.


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